Landsquare Marketing Corp.


Organized and D.T.I. Registered in 2010. Then, October 20, 2011. Registered the Company from Securities and Exchange Commission, and approved as LANDSQUARE MARKETING CORPORATION, and it is primarily engaged in REAL ESTATE and other businesses related services in the entire region.
The Company with more than 200 dynamic Professional License Real Estate Brokers, PRC accredited salespersons, Professional staff and Business referrals.
Through the expertise and TRUST by our clients the company sold more than thousands of quality housing projects in the region.
Being one of the fastest growing Real Estate Marketing and Services in the region, the company, now chosen as one of the Lead Marketing Group of some well manage developers in the region.
Since March 2010, the company is being proud member of National Real Estate Association Inc. (NREA), and last May 30, 2012 the owner and chief executive officer of the company is chosen as one of the best chapter president out of more than 20 chapters / provinces in the country.


To provide one of the finest Real estate marketing for Low-cost projects, consistently affordable housing in the region and invaluable services based on the highest standard of ETHICS, VALUES and CLIENT CARE. In so doing, we will earn the LOYALTY and TRUST of the buyers who will become our life long client, business partners and friends.
We will not bend the TRUTH to make a sale for every single customer, we will do the very best to help them achieve their dreams to have a house and we can call it a HOME where they can happily lived with their family by not giving worries and fears that the value of investment are lifetime secured.
We highly believe that our SUCCESS will always be measured by HAPPINESS, LOYALTY and TRUST of our clients.


To always satisfy our clients that our business requires COMMENDABLE returns.
To make the best way to fulfill our clients thru the resources of our licensed Real estate Brokers, PRC Accredited well trained sales persons and Professional Staff.
Be our Marketing Professionals one of the most expertise on investment counseling, Loan Documentation processing and other services required by our customers to give their investment more than double their money back.